Ready Set Glow Christmas Holiday Plush Dog Toy - Interactive Christmas Tree with 3 Minis


Ready Set Glow Christmas Holiday Plush Dog Toy - Interactive toy with Christmas Tree and 3 Minis

By Fringe Studio


A tree-mendous interactive Christmas Tree and bauble dog toy set. In the Christmas spirit and fun for your dog with the Fringe Studio’s Ready Set Glow Christmas Tree Burrow with Ornaments!

Light up your pup's Christmas fun with the Fringe Studio Ready Set Glow Christmas Tree Burrow and Ornaments Plush Toy Set! This Christmas interactive play set allows hide-and-seek fun. Features a festive Christmas tree covered in faux fur to encourage your dog’s natural instincts to hunt. This Christmas Tree Burrow also comes with 3 decorative, squeaky, and crinkly ornaments, filled with fluff, a loud squeaker, and crinkle paper to give your dog plenty of engaging and exciting entertainment. All you need to do is hide the ornaments inside the tree for your dog to find and retrieve!

Dogs Naturally Burrow or Dig?

No doubt you’ve seen your dog bury their toys in the backyard or under your bed covers. Burrowing or digging behaviour is natural for dogs, and there are several common reasons for this instinctive action. Interactive play toys satisfy this natural behaviour which makes for a happy, satisfied dog.


  • Interactive hide-and-seek plush dog toy set featuring a Christmas Tree Burrow & 3 ornaments!
  • Designed to help keep your dog entertained and engaged in playtime for longer
  • Challenges your dog’s mind and enhances their problem-solving skills
  • Christmas Tree Burrow features multiple openings to hide ornaments inside
  • Each plush ornament includes one loud squeaker and crinkle paper for extra textures and sounds your dog will love
  • Interchangeable with other Burrow toys available at Lucky Pet!
  • Special holiday edition dog toy set by Fringe Studio
  • Great for all dogs to enjoy


Holiday Set Includes: 1 Christmas Tree Burrow, 3 Plush & Squeaky Ornaments

Christmas Tree size: Approx. 38cm

Your dog will love playing with this interactive squeaky and entertaining Christmas  Ready Set Glow Christmas Tree Burrow Plush & Squeaky Dog Toy Set!

Cleaning instructions:

Place the toy in a small/fitting laundry bag to machine wash. Dry thoroughly.

Caution: Play with any dog toy should be supervised at all times. Remove any toy once your dog starts to tear the toy apart. Remove any loose pieces. Introduce the toy again later.

Dog toys we advise dogs should be supervised while using this product. No dog toy is indestructible and we take no responsibility for dogs destroying or pulling apart this toy.

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