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Responsible Sourcing

Coco & Pud Responsible Sourcing Policy

Coco & Pud is dedicated to responsible sourcing as an integral part of our corporate and social responsibility. We use the following statement as a guide and company philosophy, “An organisation should be accountable for its own impacts on society, the economy and the environment” (Harris 2016).

Responsible sourcing is a critical business principle for Coco & Pud in which, we are accountable for the ethics and sustainability of our supply chain.

Coco & Pud is committed to solid ethical guidelines across the goods and services sector including, but not limited to suppliers, traders, manufacturers, distributors, purchasers, retailers, investors, employees and consumers.

Our committment to responsible sourcing is evident in every phase of our manufacturing, from extensive research and personalied plant selection to identifying stakeholders with shared principles.

Coco & Pud consistently maintain and strengthen relationships with every phase of the supply chain to ensure our partners align with our core values.

We source materials and products in an ethical and responsible manner and endeavour to mitigate risk, while providing our customers with quality products.

Every Coco & Pud parcel is beautifully presented with sustainable and biodegradable packaging, soy ink printed tissue paper and biodegradable waste bags are available with the waste bag holders we manufacture.

We believe responsible sourcing is a shared obligation within the industry, from governance through to compliance.

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