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Responsible Sourcing

Coco & Pud Responsible Sourcing Policy

Coco & Pud believes 'responsible sourcing' is a critical business function in which, participating factors are equally accountable for the ethics and sustainability during the supplying, purchasing, manufacturing and retailing of goods and services.

We source materials, factories and products, in a responsible, sustainable and ethical manner, and would like to assure customers and stakeholders that we endeavour to manage risks, and provide customers with sustainable and quality products.

Coco & Pud supports the following statement, “An organisation should be accountable for its own impacts on society, the economy and the environment” (Harris 2016). 

We believe the responsibility of sourcing is a shared responsibility, a responsibility that must be demanded, governed, complied with, expected, standardised, and executed upon by suppliers, traders, manufacturers, logistic providers, purchasers, retailers, investors, employees and consumers. We aim to achieve these goals in every step of our manufacturing, by visiting our factories and communicating our values to ensure our manufacturing partners are in line with our core values. 

Coco & Pud have changed packaging to sustainable and biodegradable elements, along with soy ink tissue paper and biodegradable waste bags to include in Coco & Pud waste bag holders. 


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