Helping Animals Through the Bushfires

Not the start to 2020 that we were all expecting.

The bushfires have affected so many people, and the loss and injury to our animal population is devastating. We feel that we are all in this together and anything we can do to alleviate the suffering of animals is really needed right now.

We wanted to know how we could help animals through the bushfires and found this wonderful organisation, one of many animal rescue groups helping the fire zones across 5 states, 100% run by volunteers. The Rescue Collective and Animal Rescue Collective (ARC) and Animal Rescue Craft Guild are all one team. The group coordinates the making and supply of craft items that can be used by animal rescues.

We’re donating pet beds and animal sweaters, but going by their traffic light code, they need people who knit and sew to make much needed items, such as joey pouches and hanging pouches.

We hope our presence on social media will encourage people to get involved, especially those who have time to knit and sew items that will help injured animals in their recovery.
The Animal Rescue Collective Craft Guild has a range of patterns which can be downloaded, and if you have some fabric sitting around and some spare time, please sew some joey pouches etc. Addresses are provided to send the items.

So, if you feel that you could make some of these items, we’re sure they would appreciate it!