Fox & Friends Dog Car Seat Belt Restraint


Fox & Friends Pet Car Seat Belt Restraint

Designed and made by Coco & Pud Australia.

These custom pet car restraints are the perfect way to keep your pet safe while travelling in the car. 

Our car restraints are fully adjustable in length so you can safely secure your pet. Suitable for big and little dogs. Simply attach the clip to your dogs harness and the seat belt buckle into the seat belt socket to restrain your dog. 

  • Fully adjustable for different sized pups
  • Prevents driver distraction & secure your dog
  • Just Click it and Go
  • This car restraint must be attached to the D-Ring of your dogs harness (not collar)


These seat belt restraints do not work with Volvos.

While our car seat belt restraints are designed to work with the widest possible number of vehicles, unfortunately we can't guarantee a fit with every seat belt buckle, due to variations in design between vehicle manufacturers.
Center seat belts are often designed differently to avoid outer seat belts being plugged into center buckles, and as such these buckles may not be compatible with our car seat belt restraint. However, it should be compatible with almost all regular buckles (including passenger seat, left & right back seats, and third row seats).  


CAUTION: THIS ITEM MUST ONLY BE ATTACHED TO YOUR DOGS CHEST HARNESS , NOT TO BE USED WITH DOG COLLAR. In the event of a car accident this product may not prevent injury to the passenger or dog. DO NOT USE IF DAMAGED

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Secure a Lab

Works very well. Even restrains my 5 1/2 stone Labrador

Thanks Keith,

Great that your doggie is also safe in the car.

Lesa A.
Car restraint (Fox and friends)

This is my second car restraint and I may need a third. I'm not joking.

These are better than quite a few different brands. I find the length is better and adjusts easier.

Colours and design are important, because they aren't the standard black I don't lose them under the car seat.

My family often pick up Murphy and take him for rides and on excursions.

It makes it so much easier for them to have their own restraint. Mine stays in my car.

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