Coco & Pud Windflower UniClip Lite Strap Harness


Windflower UniClip Lite Strap Harness

 By Coco & Pud, Australia 


Expected arrival early December. Limited stock will be available. Item will be shipped as soon as they land.


Coco & Pud Windflower UniClip Lite Strap Harness is all about comfort and convenience.

Designed with comfort and easy fit in mind. The Coco & Pud UniClip Lite is a single buckle step-in harness designed to make walking your dog easier than ever. You dog simply steps into the straps and the single UniClip buckle fastens with one easy click.

Windflower is a Coco & Pud custom design features creamy windflowers and yellow button buds with pale green leaves.

Created to complete the Windflower look which includes reversible Lead, collar & bowtie, Bandana and waste bag.

Available in the following sizes: (See Size Chart attached)



Sizes to suit all breeds of dogs, big and little dogs.

Designed in Australia by Coco & Pud


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