Coco & Pud Windflower Waste Bag


Windflower Waste Bag

By Coco & Pud, Australia

Windflower Waste bag is designed to complete the Look of our Windflower dog accessories.

A waste or poop bag with unique fashion style and aesthetic.
Windflower Waste Bag clips onto your dog's lead, bag, belt etc. The waste bag conveniently dispenses poop bags from the central opening on the underside. Simply, unzip to replace roll of waste bags.

Features: Creamy coloured windflowers and yellow button buds with green leaves.

Attaches to leash, carry bag or belt with metal clip.

Size: 7cm x 5cm

Also available in other Coco & Pud designs to match reversible harnesses and dog accessories of the same named designs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Deirdre H.

If you have to carry poo bags , they may as well be in something pretty.

Good quality

Good quality and beautiful material! Thank you

Michelle M.
Just Perfect

The Wildflower waste bag is just perfect to clip on your pooch’s lead. So simple to pull the bags out when needed. So pretty & completes the entire set for me. A wonderful product. Highly recommend it

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