Coco & Pud Goldfish Organic Catnip Toy

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Goldfish Organic Catnip Toy


These fun organic Catnip toys are designed and handmade by Coco & Pud.

The organic catnip is certified to quality imported from the USA. Each toy measures approx.

15cm x 8cm, and is filled with organic top quality catnip from the USA

Benefits of Catnip:
- Want to keep kitty from clawing furniture? Rub a scratching post with catnip to make it more appealing. 
- Aids in training 
- Hours of Fun for Indoor Cats, keep them entertained
- Cats given catnip generally have less behavioural problems
- It can help bring even the worse enemies of cats together
- Catnip is not in any way harmful to your cat, and is actually beneficial for your cats health 
- A catnip-influenced cat is a happy cat

Customer Reviews

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Louisa D.
So Cute

It's such a cute toy, my cats loved it straight away. They immediately pulled the feathers out so now its just a red thing with eyes but they still love it :D

Debbie P.
These are fabulously made.

Goldfish Organic Catnip Toy‘s are very well made I love the natural fabric and feathers. my cat’s like them that’s the important part.

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