Pom Pom Dog Sweater

By Coco & Pud, Australia

The Pom Pom Dog Sweater is a very cute design for your fun-loving pup. It will have your pooch strutting their pom poms in style.

The Pom Pom dog sweater will set your pooch apart from the crowd with its fun pom pom design.

Pom Pom Dog Sweater features white bands with 2 pom poms attached to each band on a grey background. 

Perfect for country walks and keeping your pup warm on those cold, windy days. 

Designed by Coco & Pud (Australia) and knitted to the highest standards. When only the best will do for your much loved pup.

Comes in a large range of sizes to fit all breeds of dogs.

Colour: Grey with white bands and pom poms.


Sizes: Length (cm)

XS - 25cm
S - 30cm
M - 35cm
L - 40cm
XL - 45cm
XXL - 50cm


Customer Reviews

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When I first saw this design I wasn’t sure about the neck design. But boy was I wrong. I absolutely loved this sweater and think it looks amazing on my girl.
Helpful advice! Don’t let your dog wear it around puppies! You may loose some pompoms!

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