Sleepypod Pet Carrier- Dark Chocolate


Sleepypod - Dark Chocolate

Sleepypod is three products in one: it’s an everyday pet bed, a stylish carrier, and a crash tested safe car seat.

Looking for a safe, durable travel bed or carrier to keep your pet comfortable and protected whilst traveling? A Sleepypod is perfect for pets on the go.

Keeping your dog or cat safe

Crash-tested Sleepypod transforms into a safe, comfortable and cozy car seat with hook and loop positioning points that secure a seat belt in place. Your pet can now remain safely in his or her own bed throughout the entire journey.

Some dogs and cats have a negative reaction or memory from visiting a vet or kennel. Sleepypod reduces their anxiety by providing a positive safe form of comfort and familiarity of their own bed to snuggle inside. Sleepypod's ultra plush padded base provides a soft base which insulates and keeps your pet warm and cosy. Their  Sleepypod can be positioned in a dark, quiet corner or placed on a table top where they can see what's going on in the surrounding area, whilst feeling safe and secure in a comfortable space of their own. 

This bed is perfect for any small dog or cat who might feel anxious when travelling and moving about. If your pet loves to feel safe and snuggle in their own bed, place their favourite blanket, toy or something familiar to positive reinforcement they are secure and in familiar comfort. It provides a perfect hideaway spot to sleep in whilst noisy children are visiting the family. 

Measures: 43cm x 43cm x 33cm

Weighs: 1.36kg


  • Mobile pet bed, carrier, and car seat lets you travel anywhere with your pet
  • Made from luggage-grade nylon outside and ultra-plush polyester inside
  • Contoured to fit pets up to 7kg
  • Round shape
  • No assembly required
  • Includes padded shoulder strap, mesh dome top with carrying handle, washable bedding, water-resistant foam liner, and instruction card
  • Strong and durable
  • Secure and durable mesh dome
  • Adjustable shoulder strap with comfort padding
  • Padded carry handle
  • Removable top section
  • Optional shoulder strap
  • Ergonomic zipper pulls
  • Velcro positioning points that secure a seatbelt in place
  • Washable plush liner
  • Offers 360° view
  • Ballistic nylon exterior
  • Everyday comfort pet bed
  • Safest car seat according to recent crash testing
  • Passed 30mph baby seat crash testing
  • Vet approved and preferred
Pets become more confident when traveling after using as bed at home
Sleepypod is available in two sizes Medium and Mini, however we only carry the Medium in stock.

Cleaning Instructions
  • Wipe exterior with damp cloth
  • Vacuum pet fur from Ultra Plush bedding
  • Separate Ultra Plush from foam padding, machine wash Ultra Plush in cold, gentle cycle then line dry
  • Foam bedding is wrapped in a water repellent cover that can be cleaned with a damp cloth
  • Removable mesh dome reveals an everyday pet bed or pet bed away from home
  • Easy access from the dome top or when the dome is removed to reveal the bed
  • Removable, Ultra Plush bedding is machine-washable
  • Easy clean exterior is made of luggage-grade, ballistic nylon
Watch this great instructional YouTube video about Sleepypods:

 *This item is a final sale non returnable item

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
You’ll not be dissappointed !!

I bought this for my kitten to sleep in when i first picked him up. I thought that having a bed that he felt totally safe in would also be great for those visits to the vet, where he never was stressed because id taken him in his bed.
As a kitten he absolutely loved curling up and sleeping, being cozy and warm ( heated pad as well ) completely safe and secure from the outside world. This also meant that he felt totally at home when taken anywhere and totally cool with visits to the vet.
This has also got to be the best looking carrier on the market, that always draws comments !!
I can honestly say that it has totally been worth the money i payed for it ….. now 8 years later and it still looks really good …. You’ll not be dissappointed and neither will your fur baby!!

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