Coco & Pud Tie Me Up - Safety Strap

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Tie Me Up - Safety Strap

By Coco & Pud

Australia's best pet accessories. Unique Tie Me Up is designed by Coco & Pud. Designed to secure your dog to a fixed or permanent structure, without removing the lead. 

When you detach the lead from a dog's collar or harness, there is a few moments of elevated risk where the dog is not attached. Tie Me Up eliminates this risk.

Simply, place the handle of your dog's lead through the Tie me Up and secure, click buckle closed and push the lock on the buckle into the closed position.

Now, you can have peace of mind that you and your dog are safe with this practical item.

We recommend that you NEVER leave your dog unsupervised. Always ensure your dog has access to water within reach.

Tie Me Up is perfect for those who love their dog to go with you to cafes, outdoor restaurants and  walking next to a pram etc.

Designed and Trademarked by Coco & Pud, Australia.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
So easy

Just leave on the lead it’s just that easy!

Fantastic gadget for the doggies

This 'tie me up' gadget is so useful, particularly when out at cafe's etc. So easy to use and you it frees up your hands from holding the leads. It also arrived in no time from Coco & Pud. Another great product from you guys.

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